[Puma logo scanned from Brazilian Puma spec sheet]

Stephan Zankl sent a picture and had the following to say about this Puma which is in the VW museum in Germany.

"The puma at the museum seems to be one of a lot of about 35 pumas they imported to germany in 79. at least, it looks pretty much like one of those. I would guess it is a 79 gte."

"I have to admit, i have never been to the museum myself. I just have seen 3 or 4 pictures of the car they have, and i am quite sure, there was only one single lot of cars being registered here in Germany. They were shipped and imported in 1979, but stored away and finally licensed for traffic in 1982. Out of what happened meanwhile, you could easily write a script for an evening-filling-movie. So, what makes me guess, that the car is one of those, is the simple fact, that they are all similar down to the detail, for instance the door-locks."

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