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The stock Puma tyres were 14 inch Pirelli CN36, 185/70 in front and 195/70 at the rear. I previously found that the Puma is so light that it tends to aquaplane with wide tyres — instead of pushing the water … Continue reading

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Bought these rims from Gumtree for R1000. They’ll need a bit of a polish, maybe. Edit: the “bit of a polish” was a full straightening… set me back R2400. But now they’re brand new, basically. VW part number 17S 601 … Continue reading

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Fish Hoek

My brother needs the space and I need to spend more time on the Puma, so we dropped the body on to the pan and towed the Puma to Fish Hoek. (Yes, this is a long term project…)

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Disk Brakes

I bought this kit from the back of CAR magazine. It consists of two mounting plates, hubs and outer wheel bearings. The plates get bolted to the stub axles with M10 sunken head capscrews, and the calipers (from a Golf … Continue reading

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New floorpan

New sections welded in, zinc sprayed, painted.

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Body off

The floorplan was completely rusted out, so I pulled the body off and suspended it from the garage roof (with appropriate strengthening of the beams).    

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