Disk Brakes

I bought this kit from the back of CAR magazine. It
consists of two mounting plates, hubs and outer
wheel bearings. The plates get bolted to the stub axles with
M10 sunken head capscrews, and the calipers (from a Golf 1 / Fox)
bolt to the plates with their standard bolts. It uses a standard
beetle bearing and seal on the inside of the hub, and a special
bearing on the outside. I havn’t figured out how the wheel nuts
or studs will work yet.

The disks are vented Golf 1 disks from Goldwagen. Doesn’t look as
if the vented disks play well with new brake shoes — not enough space.
Are there thinner shoes for vented disks? I don’t know.

I will need to add 5 to 4 bolt convertors on the back, otherwise
I’ll have two wheels with four bolts in front and two wheels
with five bolts at the back.

They also tell me I must use a Golf 2 master cylinder — work in progress.

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  1. Jean says:

    What did you do about the wheel rubbing on the chassis when turning sharp after doing this conversion? Can one fit some form of bump stop?

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