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Shift Coupler

EMPI 16-5103 Urethane Shift Coupler ($15 off of eBay). I first tried putting the tube in from the right-hand side… …but the left-hand side works better, because you can get the spanner in on the right. You need a 10mm … Continue reading

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Side X-ray view

From flickr Click to embiggen. Note the angle of the spare wheel and the battery location.

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Rear bearings

I’m not a huge YouTube fan (most posters waffle for ages and eventually tell you something they could have condensed into a few lines of text) but in this case, the video is more informative than the picture + text … Continue reading

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Front brakes are Golf 1 calipers, mounted on a bracket I bought from the back of Car Magazine years ago. The anti-rattle clips go in like this. December 2013 I had a hard time fitting the brake pads until I … Continue reading

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The stock Puma tyres were 14 inch Pirelli CN36, 185/70 in front and 195/70 at the rear. I previously found that the Puma is so light that it tends to aquaplane with wide tyres — instead of pushing the water … Continue reading

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Technical stuff

Some technical notes on: The best engine for a Puma Type IV pulley timing marks Mating a Type IV engine to a Type I gearbox Oil temperature sender Dipstick tube Building a “freeway flyer” gearbox Building a large fast Type … Continue reading

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Factory built 2078cc Puma engines

Armand Botha sent me the following information: “On South African Pumas there was an option of a Puma engine of 2078ccs. I own some blueprints dating from 1972/73 which detail a 78.4mm stroke crankshaft. I also have details on conrod … Continue reading

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