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The big rebuild

So I’m starting to rebuild the Puma. The early Pumas used VW/Audi taillights, the part number on my righthand taillight is 105945241. One of our list members, Armand Botha, tells me that these are the same lights as fitted to … Continue reading

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Armand Botha on building a large Type IV engine

Armand Botha proposed the following for a not-too expensive big engine. Use a 411 block. The cylinder holes need to be enlarged, for the rest the block is standard. The fuel injection block is the best choice since it has … Continue reading

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Factory built 2078cc Puma engines

Armand Botha sent me the following information: “On South African Pumas there was an option of a Puma engine of 2078ccs. I own some blueprints dating from 1972/73 which detail a 78.4mm stroke crankshaft. I also have details on conrod … Continue reading

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