The Bad, The Good and hopefully not ugly

So previously I mentioned that I was contemplating using Hyundai tail lights.

The Bad: On my way to work this morning stopped at Cape Korean Spares. They’re supposed to open at 08:00 but the first fellow pitched at 08:20. He told me he can’t help me, he’s a mechanic and the salesman is stuck in traffic or something. And they do have the lights I’m after, maybe about “one eight”. Didn’t say if he figured that was for one or a pair.

So I proceeded on down Voortrekker Road looking for another place to obtain Hyundai tail lights…

The Good: I actually knew that Korean Boyz were down in Salt River, they were just a bit out of my way. But they had brand new first-model H-100 tail lights in stock, R860/pair.

The hopefully not ugly: At the risk of looking like a Lancia Fulvia


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