Track rods and steering box

There’s something not quite right with the short track rod inside tie rod end. The others seem OK but when in doubt, replace them all.

So 1 x PD-3989 (OEM 113 415 811), 2 x PD-3990 (OEM 113 415 812) and 1 x PD-0609 (OEM 113 415 813) from Driveway Industria Brasileira de Auto Pecas LTDA and we’re set (don’t judge me, this is what was available locally).

I measured the track rod lengths before taking them apart, short = 305mm and long = 825mm.

My front beam has the two little nubbins for locating the steering box left-to-right, but the nubbins that key into the steering box clamp are not there. I will most likely have to re-adjust things when the dashboard is fitted and the steering wheel is in place.

Steering box is 113 415 129 1 (113 415 061 is the number normally associated with the Beetle steering box). I bought it new, that’s just ten years’ worth of dirt on it. Anybody know which company uses the “E in gear” logo?


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