Grommets from RPM.

Grommet Code Description Price (Sep 2015)
 1 267 Blind grommet for 12mm hole 1.12
 2 270 Blind grommet for 15mm hole 3.35
 3 20 Blind grommet for 20mm hole 3.56
 4 562 17mm Grommet for pipe or wire, 5mm hole 15.90
 5 558 25mm Grommet, 4mm hole 15.90

The 20mm blind grommet is perfect for the hole under the master cylinder. I was hoping to use the 562 grommet for where the brake line goes through the floor pan but the tube nut’s a bit too large to fit through the hole. Maybe if one made the pipe up with the grommets in place?

RPM has plenty more grommets in their catalogue.

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